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posted by admin on Aug 19

The man pulled out, and with his fingers he tested the elasticity of her anus, while he continued stimulating her cunt She got herself fucked savagely... It wet on for hours... days... nights... The pain never left her body, twisted, stretched, pinched, burned, quartered, etc...

Another Dream , another Sweaty… He moved inside her like a maniac… Her pussy was steaming, she was so aroused!

posted by admin on Aug 5

Judith & Holopherne Pure Comix Riverstone Comics

A new and outlandish case from the always provocative Wanda Wolfe.

posted by admin on Aug 26

Judith & Holopherne Pure Comix Riverstone Comics

Judith and Holophern refers to a widely known theme from the Bible, represented in Ancient Painting and in Classical Art…
If Medias or Comics showed rivers of blood to our contemporary as Ancient Paintings did, hey would faint fearing the “basic instinct” of “mass murderers” would behead half the world’ s population (That’ s what obviously think our hysterical and puritan Censors in 2006) There is a problem whithout any doubt, the right to represent is declining.

In this painted Comic Strip, the nude body often exposes itself in the open air to make us feel its immediate vulnerability to cruelty. Unprotected, sensuality stands in a challenging poise like a veil thrown over the Vessel of the World escaping furiously from madness.
Judith and Holophern’ s playful petting finally make Holophern’ s “sword” less frightening. If not, Holophern would represent, for her, the stallion, an oversized Centaurus. The organ of this monster in anger could pound her innermost parts just like cleaning out the guts from a fish. Judith will have to face the situation and take risks ….

posted by admin on Aug 26

SM Dreams Pure Comix BDSM Comics

SM dirty dreams fetish and hardcore comix.

posted by admin on Mar 4

Malegaze Badchick Pure Comix BDSM Comics

Super Babe in the fetish porn comics ‘Badchick’ from Malegaze.

posted by admin on Mar 11

A comic slave crying for mercy A comic slave punished Audacious comic slave training to be obedient Vicious punishment comics Cruelly BDSM comix
A comic slave punished and tortured to be obedient