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posted by admin on Jan 19

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I lean forward and take a peek out of my stall. Having made sure that no one is there, I start caressing my breasts. Feeling like a thief, jerking at every faint sound, I squeeze them with both hands, then push them hard against my chest and pull on the nips. I grab my hair, roll it up, run it along my lips and ram into my mouth. I know that my hair is perfectly healthy, so I’m not afraid to damage it when twisting it like that. I’m sticking the wet roll into my mouth, sucking warm water out of it. It tickles my tongue, my gums, rubs against my palate. I can feel my legs start to tremble because I’m so excited. I remember that I can reach my own nipples with my tongue. However, I can’t do it now – if someone busts me doing that, they will understand everything right away.

‘Oooh, yeah,’ I moaned, reveling in delight, as he slapped me harder and harder. At a certain moment I understood that he was beating me up as hard as he could. My ass felt like it was on fire, my moans turned into screams, I was jerking in my bondage and my ass cheeks were contracting and relaxing again and again, as if trying to avoid the blows. But I couldn’t break free as my bonds were way too tight. ‘Enough! Stop it! Rolf, cut it!’ I was already begging Rolf to stop. He slowed down but his blows grew heavier! My cheeks were jiggling like jelly and my whole body was shaking in the same rhythm. I bet my ass was all red from all the blood rushing to it.

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