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posted by admin on Jan 19

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The guys start unloading into my mouth. The load I’m gargling is growing larger and larger and they still keep on giving me more, rubbing their bell ends against my lips when they think Jack can’t see them. Those little contacts were making my skin creep. I see Billy smiling behind the camera – but he’s not giving us away. Sperm is already pouring out of my mouth, I groan, letting the director understand I can’t take any more of it! ‘Don’t swallow it yet! Lift your head up so that your mouth holds it all like a bucket’.'Stick it into my hole!’ I mumble, still gagged with that dick. Then I grow silent feeling someone ram his shlong into my pussy from behind. Finally! My passion has got a solid base now.

The guy is drilling me hard, my ass cheeks are slamming against his belly with a loud juicy sound. I feel another orgasmic spasm making my pussy grow tight. Now there’s a dick inside me, so my hole squeezes around it. The cock in my mouth unloads and there are still some more guys shooting their cum on my body. That’s what true pleasure is! I’m getting creamed both from the inside and from the outside, I’m enjoying my orgasm and waiting for my fuckmate to creampie my pussy but. The pleasure doesn’t last. Steamy semen is hitting me from all sides, I am almost going crazy from lust – and still I can feel every touch, even the tiniest drops hitting my feet, my toes, my hair. It is sperm after all! Men are so different from women.

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