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posted by admin on Dec 13

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‘Oh my, what are you doing?’ I mutter, scared out of my mind. I feel helpless – just like I felt when I had to go to the gyno for the first time in my life. ‘More passion, Nicole, more passion. Show me your passion.’ Jack’s voice is unbelievably calm. ‘Now get loud.’ I try to push his hands away but he is too strong. He keeps on drilling me with his fingers, faster and faster with every second. Suddenly I understand that I could have pushed him away with my legs. Could have pushed him away if I wanted to. I will do it right now. Right now, just a couple of more seconds of that rough fingering.

People say that porn is no longer as good as it used to be before. Well, it’s only unless you give your whole heart and soul to it, just like I do it. Well, it’s not that I have been such a slut all my life. I still remember my first time — how excited and kind of nervous I felt when I was stepping into that world of debauchery and lust. It is lust that gives me my wings. I am like a butterfly flying from one cock to another, collecting cum like sweet nectar. Every dirty little detail of my life is exposed to you on the pages of my site. Cum in and check it out!

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