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posted by admin on Dec 13

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I keep on looking from one cock to another greedily. I can’t quite explain why but I go for the biggest black tool – most probably because I have never been with a black man before. I close my eyes, stick my tongue out and start licking the tip of his dick as if tasting it. I envelop it with my lips tightly, trying to chase the blood filling his unit back into his body but. His erection is so hard that I fail. Firm cock comes pushing against my palate, sliding deeper and deeper, allowing me to feel its rough surface, the huge swollen vein running along it. I feel the pounding in my temples because I’m too horny now. So horny I can feel my pulse even in my teeth. Damn, will it fit into my mouth?! The guy starts moaning softly. I can feel the anticipation building up all around me.

‘Suck them all off, one by one and work your hands too,’ Jack’s voice sounds vaguely through the mist of lust marring my conscience. The black guy moves back and I swallow the head of another dick. I’m running one hand across the new shaft and massaging balls with the second. The guys start using their hands too – and not only on their own cocks. I feel my boobs getting massaged by several men at once – and I really like the way they stroke me. Not all of them are doing it synchronously – each tit is getting rubbed in a very special way. I start moaning and moving my head faster because the pleasure is so intense. My boobs are big, no doubt – but not big enough to fill all hands. I feel some of the guys start petting me down lower.

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