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posted by admin on Dec 13

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I unzip his pants letting out his throbbing hard cock that already oozes lube. I swallow this new piece of meat with , dreaming about getting pierced with it right through. ‘Stick it into me, stick it balls deep,’ moan I, sliding my tongue all over his cock furiously. Then I feel it push against the back of my throat and swallow it. Oh yeah, I want more cocks. Fuck all of my holes at once! All of a sudden Billy unloads into my mouth. No, why! What about me? He pulls his limp dick out of my mouth and zips back his pants, patting me on the cheeks lightly.

‘Hmm.’ Rolf is trying to probe the object with his cock, pressing it against the hard shell over and over again. He can’t understand what it is. ‘Here we go!’ His dick slides past the flat side of the object and penetrates me deeper, leaving it beside. Those ignorant fuckers. I had it inside me throughout the whole of the shoot and almost came and they didn’t even notice anything! I move back urging Rolf to fuck me harder. He penetrates me deeper and deeper, his bare cock rubbing against the flat object. He has already understood that I stuffed my cell phone into my pussy. I wonder if he liked that or not. I turn around and see the usual expression on Rolf’s face. He’s just enjoying another nookie, nothing special. He purrs and moans licking his parched lips every now and then.

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